Daylight engineering

Roof lights 


Roof lights are light-transmitting constructions, mostly assembled loosely on flat roofs or as connecting element between the wall and the lower flat roof. With these constructions, principals want to bring more daylight into the building and as such create a more healthy and pleasant working and living environment. By way of illustration, roof lights generate trice the amount of light as an equal surface of wall glazing. 


lichtstraten1 lichtstraten2 lichtstraten3


These light sources result in an excellent division of the light. Natural light is free of cost and increases productivity. 

Roof lights are available in many different shapes and can be assembled using different materials. This way, we can always offer the best possible solution. Various types of glazing are possible as well.


lichtstraten4 lichtstraten5 lichtstraten6


We install your roof light in the approved technical matter ensuring the waterproofness of the overall construction. Roof lights can also be equipped with ventilation and/or smoke and heat extraction facilities.


Atrium glazing 


In buildings such as schools, homes, hospitals and offices, an atrium often acts as central meeting place. 




S.air international can help you to realise atrium constructions that not only focus on the entering of daylight but also on a correct ventilation and a smoke and heat extraction system according to legislation. 


ATRIUM4 ATRIUM5 atriumfoto6


Indoor climate and fire safety 


An atrium not only protects against wind and rain, it also contributes considerably to creating a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate. Also fire safety plays an essential part in the design of atriums. Therefore, S.air international integrates in its atrium concepts fire safety facilities, ventilation systems, sun protection and smoke screens.