• S.air specializes in the conception of complete solutions.

    Conception, calculation, production, installation and maintenance

    The manufacturing of all needed materials is linked to the project, which provides you with the specific and certified components you need for your integrated system. Our assembly department certainly has the necessary experience and references in order to result into a properly functioning system within the predetermined deadline. We can therefore offer you the complete package of conception, installation and maintenance.

    Our company’s activities can be divided in 6 units:



      • Personal and damage protection in commercial and industrial buildings through Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation (SHEV) by applying natural smoke vents and/or mechanical fans, whether or not combined with fixed or automatic smoke and fire screens and all other needed accessories in order to obtain a complete installation.

      Parkings & tunnels

      • Personal and damage protection in parking lots & tunnels through Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation (SHEV) by applying mechanical fans, boosters, automatic smoke and fire screens, fire and gas detection, emergency power generators, evacuation systems in order to obtain a complete solution.

      Service & Maintenance

      •  Our service & maintenance department also ensures that all SHEV systems and their possible fire and gas detection, extinguishers, fire hoses, emergency lighting, emergency power generators receive the necessary check-ups after installation and that they can be repaired if necessary.

      Industrial ventilation

      • Our Industrial Ventilation business unit in its turn helps our clients with all problems that could manifest in an industrial environment. Our experts go on site to visualize all problems in order to be able to suggest complete solutions with guaranteed results. Optimization of the working and production environment thanks to climatization through industrial ventilation, cooling, heating, filtering, humidification, dehumidification.

      Daylight & Sun protection

      • Daylight technique through installation of skylights, roof access domes and staircase domes, glass domes or SUNOPTIC domes, which represent an added value thanks to the extra daylight introduction.
      • Solar protection through fixed, mobile or automatic lamella.

      Parking guidance

      • Since we’re already present in parking lots on a daily basis for the installation of our systems, the expansion with our Parking Guidance business unit was but a small step for us. Both indoor and outdoor detection, whether or not combined with lighting, are a logical continuation in our pursuit of guaranteeing a complete support for our clients.
    • Foundation S.air International NV on June 6th 1987 , specialized in smoke and heat exhaust in buildings and industrial ventilation, with offices in Antwerp.
    • Foundation S.air SVS NV on December 30th 2009 , specialized in smoke and heat exhaust in parking lots & tunnels, with offices and warehouse in Aalst.
    • Due to both company’s growth, the decision was made in 2014 to relocate both to Gijzegem (Aalst), in a new main office that could support further expansion.
    • This 2014 move coincided with the merger of S.air International NV and S.air SVS NV.
    • During this merger, the company name was changed to S.air NV.
    • In the past years, S.air has reinforced its leadership within the sector based on dedication, technology and development of multiple new departments, systems and products.
      Through S.air’s continuous investment in development, several new systems and solutions have been included in its range over the years.
    • In so doing, new business units such as service & maintenance, daylight & solar protection and parking guidance (indoor-outdoor) have been started up.
    • The company policy is based on the continuous improvement of client satisfaction, always taking into account a quality service and a constant pursuit of perfection.
    • In its pursuit, S.air has established a 24 hour service line, guaranteeing they can permanently be of service to their clients.
    • Additionally, several quality certifications such as VCA**, ISO 9001 and the APRAGAZ label have been obtained.
    • S.air had continued investing in project leaders, assembly teams and technicians, therefore all projects can be treated in-house from concept to delivery, followed by aftercare, by its own staff. There are currently around 50 collaborators who support our projects on a daily basis.
    • Making it possible for S.air to offer you years of expertise, complete project support and continuous service.
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